Engaging, Relevant Stories by Kristin Maier

These original stories by Kristin Maier have been thoroughly field tested by hundreds of children, youth, and adults. Each story is ready to be told and perfectly suited for multigenerational worship. The characters are memorable, the plots spellbinding, and the meaning multi-layered.  All of them can be found in A Good Telling: Bringing Worship to Life with Story, along with two additional unique adaptations of classic stories.

 “The Keeper of the Rain”

After more years than you or I can count, the keeper of the rain is weary. A new keeper has been born, but there is only one problem. He really doesn’t like rain. While he lays basking in the sun, the land around him is drying up. What will it take for the new keeper to finally whisper the word that brings the rain? Here is that rare, engaging and funny climate change story you have been looking for. This very tell-able tale playfully engages very serious questions about our human ability to affect weather and climate.


“Rustle, Rustle, Rustle”

Summer was just beginning, but Michael was dreading it already. Living so far from town, he knew he would hardly see another kid until fall. His saving grace comes in the form of a small creature he encounters down by the river. What will Michael do when he suspects that this creature has been eaten by the river cranes? What will he learn about the life all around him?

“Petula and the Brindleberry Flower”

King Heleborus is coming to visit and the Royal Inspector of Visits and Destinations is determined to make sure everything is perfect. When Petula tries to sell him a garland of her favorite blue Brindleberry flower, he banishes them from the valley and replaces them with the perfect pink blossoms of the Bella Bella flower. What will happen when the Bella Bella fungus strikes the valley?  Find out in this fun tale that celebrates the beauty of all creation.

“The Island and the Moon”

When the moon makes her way around the earth, everything below her glows in her silvery light – everything except one little island. Nothing the moon can say will convince the little island that it can glow. Then, the moon does something surprising.  Find out what she does in this gentle tale about the value of connection.

“Life Itself”

In the land of the North, Life Itself smiles down up on the trees giving them light and warmth. The trees smile down upon the humans, giving them fruit and wood. And, the humans smile upon each other, sharing what they have. That is, until Life Itself is called away to the lands of the South. Darkness watches over them as promised, but Fear begins to speak more plainly. What will happen when the humans begin to listen to Fear? How will the trees and Life Itself save the day? Note: this story has also been adapted for a narrator play for all ages, included in A Good Telling.

“Prairie Tree”

The little burr oak is planted and nurtured by the only family it has ever known. When the tree watches the family pack up all they own and disappear over the hills, it stands alone on the prairie. Then one day, two crows tell the burr oak that a family of trees is just over the hill, if the tree was only tall enough to see. A memorable tale about our ever present ability to change and grow.

These stories are fully copyrighted and available in A Good Telling in print or as an eBook from Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.A Good Telling Kristin Maier

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