Video Demonstrations of Storytelling Tips

Kristin Maier demonstrates key storytelling tips from A Good Telling: Bringing Worship to Life with Story.  Everyone can improve their skills in telling engaging and moving stories for worship services or any context.  Kristin demonstrates two fundamental techniques, using a dynamic voice level and an elastic tempo.

Watch video of Kristin demonstrating how to use a dynamic voice to bring your story to life!

Watch video of Kristin demonstrating how to use an elastic tempo to bring excitement to your telling!

Here you will find the “The Keeper of the Rain” told in its entirety by the author, Kristin Maier. We have heard from a number of people that “The Keeper of the Rain” is one of their favorite stories and now it is here for you to enjoy too!.

“The Keeper of the Rain,”   ©2013, Kristin Maier

A Good Telling is available in print or as an eBook from Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

This guide to storytelling in worship provides techniques for good storytelling, plus practice exercises to help readers learn to employ them. It includes eight stories, ready for telling, with themes and plots ideally suited for multigenerational worship.

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  1. Thanks so much. Storytelling is like a choir singing a song – building, phrasing, choreographing. Our ministers have not been aware of what is required for a good “Time for All Ages” children’s story. Looking for resources, I found you!
    Thanks again.

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