Here you will find the “The Keeper of the Rain” told in its entirety by the author, Kristin Maier. We have heard from a number of people that “The Keeper of the Rain” is one of their favorite stories and now it is here for you to enjoy too!.

“The Keeper of the Rain,”   ©2013, Kristin Maier


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  1. Kathleen A. Baughman

    Hi Kristin,

    Great story! Our minister, Rev. Susan Frederick Gray used it for our Ingathering Sunday which is always water communion. And guess what, it started raining last night abour 9 PM and kept up for 12 hours! That’s a joyous occasion in the desert here in Phoenix, AZ. I took a chaplain position here 8 years ago at Mayo Clinic/AZ.

    Blessings in your storytelling and story writing ministry!! It’s wonderful!!

    • Great to hear from you Kathy! What fun to hear that it rained for 12 hours after telling that story. What a hoot!

      Thanks for sharing!


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